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Strike Blocky Fun

About Strike Blocky Fun Game
InstructionStrike Blocky Fun is a 3D multiplayer shooter with various game modes, maps, and weapons. In case, you can not wait any longer for the weapon list, here is a little sneak peak of the weapon arsenal: for melee combat purposes use machete, king of the close range is for sure shotgun, mid-range weapons are M242 and pistol, and last but not least, long-range weapons are represented by sniper rifle and rocket launcher. Use them "wisely", and blow your enemies up. Then, you have a zombie mode, and this one always delivers. Brutal massacre between mercenaries and zombies simply never disappoints, period. So join the battle, and kill as many players as you can. Gain advantage over the enemy, and claim the victory for your team. Have fun guys.
ControlsMouse - AWDS
Played72 times
Liked105 ❤
CategoryAction & Adventure
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