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Death Chase

About Death Chase Game
InstructionDeath Chase is a fierce racing game, in which you have to compete with other drivers in a race to death. This race involves a large number of deaths and destruction and dangerous obstacles to overcome. Before starting to race, you can choose your car and upgrade various parts such as armor, weapons and engines. Every time you finish a race, you earn extra money that you can spend on improvements and upgrades.The races themselves are fast-paced and fun - you encounter a variety of ramps, loops, slides, obstacles and bridges. When jumping down the slope, you can flip to get more points. These points build your nitro bar and when it's full, you get a short speed blast. Be careful driving because you can only maintain a certain amount of damage before your car is destroyed! Can you conquer the death chase and create a destructive supercar?
ControlsWASD or arrow keys to moveZ to jump or slamX to launch rocket
Played80 times
Liked105 ❤
CategoryArcade & Classic
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